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Vet students learn vital skills!

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11 veterinary students from University of Sydney attended DMR last week as part of their extramural placements to gain some experience in aquatic animal medicine.

“There are not many places where students can get hands on experience with marine animals, so these placements are really important to build the capacity within the profession to treat sick and injured marine animals,” said Dr Duan March, who acted as the students supervisor for the week. “The placements actually work out really well. We will stockpile work that needs to be done for a number of research projects before the students arrive and get it all done when they are here. This means that they get to learn and it helps us out with our research!” said Dr March.

Veterinary students are required to do a range of placements during their degrees and students will get practical experience with all animals from cows to chickens, and for a lucky few, dolphins as well!


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