Adopt a Turtle - Cabbage Patch

Adopt a Turtle - Cabbage Patch

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Please note that adoptions are limited to just 10 per animal. Each adoption comes with an adoption certificate, monthly updates and an invitation to the animal's release.


About me:

Name: Cabbage Patch 
Age: Sub-adult
Length: 45cm Carapace
Species: Green Sea Turtle
Location: Arrawarra Beacch
Date of rescue: 13th November 2019
Signs of illness: Covered in barnacles and algae with low numbers of red blood cells
Nutrition: Currently eating squid and fish
Current medication: Praziquantel to treat gut parasites
Visit Days: To be advertised
Color Cod: 'Red 9' This means that, when counting anti-clockwise, the ninth scute (scale) on the carapace (top part of the shell) is colored in with red wax
Release location: Arrawarra


All proceeds go directly to the treatment of these animals and your adoption comes with a Certificate, monthly updates and an invitation to the release.