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DMR fight to save grey nurse shark

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Dolphin Marine Rescue were called by Stephen Soule from the National Marine Science Centre at about 11 am on Sunday regarding a Grey Nurse Shark not looking well in the marina. DMR attended and assessed the animal. It was upside down and not moving. DMR contacted Department of Primary Industries to notify and then proceeded to capture and to assess.

DMR staff and Mr Soule snorkelled to the animal, placed a tail rope and then swam it to a pier for assessment. Fishing line coming from mouth and two external wounds were observed. The animal suspected to be suffering from metabolic acidosis secondary to intense fight following line catch.

The animal was transported back to DMCP for treatment which included intravenous fluids and aerated water passing over the gills, fishing hook removed and wounds sutured. Animal appeared to improve temporarily but died over night. Post mortem revealed the animal was in good condition and had been feeding recently. Samples collected and sent away for analysis will confirm cause of death.

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