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EcoGroms Walk-a-thon

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Join the EcoGroms for a Walk-a-thon!

Join our walk-a-thon to pick up rubbish and raise money for a Seabin to help local sea life.

  • Boambee Bay to Jetty Foreshores
  • Sunday 27 July from 10am
  • Sign up and get sponsors for your walk
  • Bring a rubbish bag to pick up rubbish
  • Entry Fee - $5
  • Feel free to bring your dog along

If you don’t want to walk you can volunteer to run a water-stop or pick up full rubbish bags in your car.

Please click here to register or check out our information sheet for more information.


What is a Seabin, and why do we want one anyway?

  • A seabin is a type of bin that is on the side of a marina and as it floats it collects rubbish from the area. When the rubbish goes into the bin and is collected while the water flows through and gets pumped back into the ocean.
  • We need this bin so that the ocean wildlife can be protected from rubbish such as straws, plastic bags, coffee cups and much,much more. If not stopped many more animals will die.
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