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Tropic bird a long way from home...

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In May we got a call from an Armidale resident who had found a bird that they suspected to be a marine species, they kindly drove down to Coffs Harbour to our rehabilitation hospital for assessment and care. When our staff member Greg assessed the bird it turned out to be a Tropic bird most likely from a colony off Lord Howe island. How this bird found itself in Armidale we are unsure but it could have been due to heavy winds or storm. The Tropic bird was a juvenile so did not have its long tail yet but was believed to be a red tailed tropic bird.

It stayed with Dolphin Marine Rescue (DMR) for a week, during its time in care it was offered water and spark which aids in re-hydration and some tasty fish. Before the bird was released an assessment was conducted which included a body examination and flight test, it was given the all clear from our veterinary team and DMR staff and was successfully released. Thank you to those members of public for caring for this bird and taking the time to bring it into Dolphin Marine Rescues care.


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