HELP the RESCUE, REHABILITATION + RELEASE of injured marine wildlife


Dolphin Marine Rescue Animal Rehab Trust (DMRART) was created to carry on the work started by the Pet Porpoise Pool almost 50 years ago. That is, the rescue, rehabilitation and release of injured marine wildlife. Check out the plan that we have for our Coffs Harbour rehabilitation centre below. It's a state-of-the-art facility to rehabilitate injured wildlife and release them safely back to their environment. 

But we need your help. This new centre can only proceed with the generous donations and support of our sponsors - people like you that are interested in improving outcomes for our sick and injured wildlife. Your sponsorship will directly support these efforts and contribute to the construction of a dedicated wildlife hospital in Coffs Harbour.


Please click here to view the prospectus and find out more.


Artist impressions of the new rehabilitation centre...


Dophin Marine Rescue Rehabilitation Centre